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Frontier Troops of China, now stationed on the border from India, are now directly under the control of the army.

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China has made major policy changes to the Special troops deployed on its border with India. Actually, China has completely eliminated the civilian control on Frontier Troops and taken it directly under the control of the army. The Communist Party of China (CPC) has announced to completely remove the Frontier Defense Troops working under civilian institutions by the People’s Armed Police (PAP) to increase the influence of the ruling party on the country’s armed forces. Significantly, President Xi Jinping is the head of CPC only.

According to the report of the Global Times, official newspaper, these Troops were first part of the Armed Police and it was managed by the Institute of State Council. Now it has been completely removed from the system, so that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the other National Armed Forces have completely come under the control of the party. An article published by PLA on Wednesday provided information related to it.

China’s military analysts say the removal of the armed police force related to civilian affairs will end the complexity of the chain of command. After this, along with the 3,488 km long Actual Line of Control (LOC), other border troupes will come directly under the PLA, which works under the Sheila-led Central Military Commission (CMC).

Enhanced strength of Jinping
It is noteworthy that last week, He has been elected President and President of CMC for the term of five years. A few days earlier, the Chinese parliament had also removed the 2-term limit for the president, which has cleared the way for Jinping’s lifetime as a lifelong president.

Backup for army
The Paramilitary Police Force, with 1.5 million soldiers, used to work under the first double command- CMC and State Council or Cabinet. This force works as a back-up for the army in war or domestic unrest or anti-terrorist operations. At the same time, this force also plays an important role in border security. Not only this, recently the Coast Guard of China was included in the CMC Chain of Command. The first Coast Guard was under the marine administration. The special thing is that ships of China’s Coast Guard are often seen in the disputed area in East China Sea.