France vs Muslim World, Why Muslims are angry on French President Macron

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Many problems are going on continuously inside France. Radicalism and Communalism, such feelings are constantly increasing within France. Earlier this month, a school teacher in Paris was strangled to death. The teacher was murdered because he publicly showed his class prophet Muhammad’s cartoon. A teenager killed the teacher.

In view of this incident, French President Emmanuel Macron said many things which Muslim countries did not like. Now continuously there Hashtags such as #Boycott French Products, #MacronApologize to Muslims and #Never the Prophet social media have been trended. This was done because it is said that whatever comments Macron gave were “anti-Islam” comments.

Actually What happened in Paris, France?

To understand what happened on 17 October 2020, let’s first recall the terror attack that took place in the year 2015. The terror attack took place on Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters in which 12 people were killed.
Charlie Hebdo carried out the caricature of Prophet Muhammad. But many people did not like that caricature and there was a Terror Attack here in 2015.

Now let’s talk about what actually happened on October 17. On 17 October, a student killed the middle school teacher Samuel Paty. A few days ago Samuel Paty showed that cartoon made by Charlie Hebdo and spoke about freedom of expression. The people of France were very angry and unhappy with this incident that how any teacher can be killed like this. There was a lot of protest inside France about this incident.

What didi Emmanuel Macron Say?

On 2nd October, Macron gave a statement that Islam is now under threat around the world. Macron also said that he would try to separate religion from education and the public sector in the country.
“The problem is an ideology which claims its own laws should gain superiority over the Republic”, said Macron.
After Paty’s murder, Macron showed his support to Paty and said that Paty represented republic in a way but Islamists want our future. And they know that they cannot take our future while heroes like Paty are there in the country. Therefore people like them are murdered.

This is not the first time Macron has made such a statement. In the month of September, Macron had also defended Charlie Hebdo magazine, saying that the right to free speech should also include the right to blaspheme.

How Muslim- Majority Countries reacted to the situation?

Looking at all these things, Islamic countries have started to react. Turkey is the first nation to react to this. There have been many issues between Turkey and France in the recent past. Including the cases related to Libya, Nagorno- Karabakh dispute and drilling rights in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday,” What is the problem of his person called Macron with Muslims and Islam? Macron needs treatment on a mental level”.

Seeing this, France called back its ambassador from Ankara. Macron said that it is not suitable for president of any country to give such a statement. Erdogan did not stop here; he introduced the idea to boycott French goods on Monday. And the other Muslim-majority countries also started adopting this slogan.

In Kuwait, the supermarkets removed French Products from their shelves.
Qatar University cancelled its French cultural week due to this reason.
There is a discussion going on of boycotting Carrefour grocery chain in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
On Tuesday, Saudia Arabia condemned the caricatures as well but there is no sign of protest against France in the country for now.

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