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France: protesters of ‘Yellow Vest’ lost fingers in violent clashes.

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The protest against the government in France is the 13th week of ‘Yellow Vest’ and meanwhile, during the violent clashes on Parliament House, the fingers of a protestor were disintegrated with the grenade splitting in hand.

According to the BBC report, the media report in France said that the incident took place on Saturday when the demonstrator tried to lift a rubber palette grenade and the grenade got torn in his hand. According to the French government figures, 51,400 people attended the show on Saturday, four of them gathered in Paris. This figure is less than last week, when the number of people in official figures was 58,600 and 10,500 of them had gathered in the country’s capital.

In Paris, demonstrators marched from the Champ Elysees to the Parliament House in the city. During this, violent clashes started and protesters broke barricades and threw fireballs on the police. The police left the tear gas shells on protesters. In other parts of France, thousands of demonstrators gathered in the port, including the port city of Marseille and Montpellier and the Bordeaux and Toulouse cities located in the southwest.