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Fortis Hospital inaugurated in Chennai

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The requirement of hospitals is increasing day by day. Especially, when this pandemic is rising at such a fast pace hospitals are a must. Also, not only having a hospital is enough. A city must have a good quality hospital with proper facilities. And safety too.

Keeping this in mind, Chennai announced today that they now have Fortis too. Chennai now has a 250-bed multispeciality Fortis Hospital at Vadapalani. This is a great achievement and as per the needs, it is a very good task.

Chief Minister K Palaniswami gave start to this hospital today. This hospital is a 9-level building. Also, it covers an area of 150,000 square feet. This hospital is of costs Rs 250 cr. And investment if done by Fortis only.

This is not the first Fortis in Chennai. It also has Fortis Maral. This hospital is working for the past 25 years now. Also, it is a 170-bed multi-specialty hospital.

Dr. Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, MD & CEO, Fortis Healthcare said, “Our endeavor is to provide quality healthcare to the citizens of Chennai. We have invested in improving our clinical capacity and healthcare technology to deliver improved outcomes. The project will also be a significant boost to the local economy, offering many jobs and opportunities for local businesses. With IHH’s collaboration and global best practices in healthcare, we are confident that we will be able to deliver advanced healthcare to our patients.”

Kelvin Loh, MD & CEO, IHH Healthcare said, “Fortis Vadapalani is an addition to IHH Healthcare’s stable of 77 hospitals spread across 10 countries.”

The new hospital highlights 75 ICU beds, 6 activity theaters, 3 minor activity theaters, and system rooms. Also it has alongside crisis and loss beds, a cath lab, and a large group of different offices.

About Fortis Hospital

Fortis Healthcare is one of the biggest coordinated medical care specialist co-ops in the nation that is currently important for a main worldwide medical services supplier – IHH Healthcare Berhad.

Fortis Healthcare Limited (FHL) is a chain of private medical hospitals. It is also in India. Fortis in Mohali started its medical care worl. In Mohali was the first Fortis hospital. Later on, the emergency hospital chain bought the medical services part of Escorts gathering and expanded its quality in different pieces of the nation. The Escorts Heart and examination Center, Okhla, Delhi was a significant working unit. This chain was managed by Naresh Trehan until he began his own chain of medical clinics by the name Medanta. The FMRI emergency clinic at Gurgaon is the settle of Fortis medical care with all the significant offices at the emergency clinic. As of now, the organization works its medical care conveyance administrations in India, Dubai, and Sri Lanka with 36 medical services offices.