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Former Computer Hacker Edward Snowden released the Haven App, the smartphone will become a surveillance system

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United States: Former Computer Hacker Edward Snowden has launched a new app that will turn your smartphone into a security system. This app will also prevent the spying on your phone so that the smartphone user gets more protection.

This app called the Haven will convert your Android phone into an all-in-one anti spy system. In a recent interview given to you, Snowden said that you have a guard dog that you take with you in any hotel room and leave it there when you are not there, in fact he is very smart and there Record every incident.

Ideally, the idea is that you are using some older Android phones that you have no use. You install the Haven app and keep it where you want to monitor. After that whatever happens in your form, the phone is programmed in such a way that it will start recording automatically and take pictures.

After this you can send all this personal recording to your phone. According to reports, Heavens uses encrypted services such as Signal and Tor which gives the user control over what is communicated.