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For the funding of the library in Afghanistan, Trump fired Modi’s joke.

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US President Donald Trump has ridiculed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for funding for the library in Afghanistan. He said that there is no need in the war-torn country. Trump also criticized India and other countries for not taking enough steps to protect the country. India has rejected this statement by Trump. Official sources said on Thursday that development help can play a big role in taking forward Afghanistan.

Official sources said that India is running many major infrastructure projects and community development programs according to the needs of people in Afghanistan. He said that with such cooperation, it would help in making the country economically strong and stable. Let us tell you that the US President justified his stand on Wednesday to reduce US investment abroad in the first cabinet meeting of the year. Along with this, India, Russia, Pakistan and other neighboring countries asked to take responsibility for Afghanistan’s security.

Trump has given the example of Prime Minister Modi and said that the leaders of the world are giving their contribution while their contribution does not stay anywhere compared to the billions of dollars spent by the US. The President of the United States referred to his friendly relations with Prime Minister Modi but he also criticized India’s funding for the library in Afghanistan.

India’s building, dams and roads remained
On the other hand, government sources said that India is building a small library under its initiative of community development, but most of the investment in Afghanistan has been done on mega infrastructure projects. It includes the Salma Dam, the new building of the Afghan Parliament and 218 km long road from Zaranj to Delaram.

On the library said, we spend so much in 5 hours
Significantly, India is actively engaged in the reconstruction efforts of Afghanistan. Trump said, ‘I can give you an example of good co-ordination with me, India and Prime Minister Modi, but he is constantly telling me that he has set up a library in Afghanistan. Library! So much so that we spend in five hours (in Afghanistan). ‘

He said, ‘And he (Modi) tells me. He is very sensible. We should say that hey! Thanks for the library, but I do not understand who is using it in Afghanistan? This is one of many things. I do not like to be exploited. ‘Trump said,’ (I) have good relations with Prime Minister Modi. He is a very good person and he has done a great job. He has brought the country together. ‘

Trump questions from Russia, India and Pakistan
Trump answered in response to a question, “Why is not there Russia (for fighting with the Taliban) in Afghanistan? Why is not India there? Why is not there Pakistan? Why are we (America) there? We are 6000 miles away, but I do not care. We want to help our people. We want to help other countries. “Asked whether India is going to play a security role in Afghanistan, Trump said,” I think India should be in Afghanistan. ”

Trump compared the costs raised by the United States and other countries in Afghanistan’s peace efforts. Trump said that a very wealthy country is using the US to support its forces. They said, ‘A country sends 200 soldiers to Iraq, or a major country for Syria or Afghanistan sends 100 soldiers and then they tell me 100 times.’

‘Soviet Union Bankruptcy in Afghanistan’
He said, ‘Russia used to be the Soviet Union. Afghanistan made him Russia, because he went bankrupt while fighting in Afghanistan. “Trump did not give much information,” We will do something (in Afghanistan) that is right. We are talking to the Taliban. We are talking to different people. ‘