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For the first time in June, this happened when the temperature reached 48 deg.

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New Delhi,
What will happen if due to heat, when there are any failures and when it gets over the roads? Under such circumstances it will be difficult to work. There were some similar situations in Delhi on Monday, for the first time in the month of June, the temperature touched 48 degrees. Temperatures in Delhi were at the highest level of two decades. Along with Delhi, entire northern India is reciting. The temperature in Churu of Rajasthan once again crossed the 50’s. The temperature in Banda district of Bundelkhand in UP was 49.2 degree. Things can be very bad this year because ‘air’ cyclone can hinder monsoon.

Temperatures in Palam region were only fewer than 4 degree Celsius below the record of the highest heat in Delhi’s history. This was recorded at 48.4 degree Celsius on May 26, 1998. People are so troubled by the heat that its impact is also visible in the tourist spots of Uttarakhand and Himachal. From Nainital, Mussoorie, Shimla, Dharamshala to Manali, the huge crowd of tourists are getting to see from the past several days.

Not only this, the temperature in the Safdarjung area too was warmer and it reached 45.6 degree Celsius. Not only was the situation not better in other areas. The temperature in the ridge was 47.9 degrees Celsius, in Ayanagar 47 degrees Celsius. Apart from this, Gurgaon of NCR was also used in the temperature at 46.8 degree Celsius.

Even today, no relief will come, the rain from the sky will suffer
Still, there is no relief from the scorching heat. According to Meteorological Officer Kuldeep Srivastava, on Tuesday also the horrific heat can continue in the city. However, there is a possibility of slight relief on Wednesday. Humidity from the Arabian Sea can reach and there is a possibility of light rain.

Mild Relief Can Get From Tuesday Night
Temperatures can occur in Delhi and surrounding areas on Tuesday night. An official of the Meteorological Department said, “With the increase in wind speed, there may be some shortage in temperature. Light rain and dust storm can start on Wednesday. After this, relief can be done till June 16. ‘

Rajasthan worst hit
The desert state is the worst place in Rajasthan. The temperature in more than 6 cities of the state was 48 degrees Celsius on Monday. In Churu and Dhaulpur, the temperature remained above 50 degree Celsius. Jaipur has been the hottest summer in last 10 years.