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For safety, security, defense, sovereignty & integrity of India and to protect data & privacy of people of India the Government has banned 59 mobile apps.

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Amidst the tense situation in Ladakh, India has thrown a new dice of diplomacy by placing a ban on Chinese mobile apps. Since there is no shortage of apps with features similar to these apps, India is not at a disadvantage. But India’s app market for China was not only huge, but it was also growing. This is a major decision that would harm Chinese business interests. These apps can no longer be downloaded and used in India. The way India has an atmosphere against China, this ban can be extended to many more sectors as well. This decision is an important message from India for Chinese businessmen and China.

India does not want to let the dragon affect young people
India is among the countries where internet prices are the lowest in the world. There are more than 80 crore consumers here. More than half of these smartphone users are 25 years old or younger. By closing 59 Chinese apps, India has not only expressed its intentions but has given a clear message to China. TikTok is the most downloaded app in India. It had more than 12 crores, active users. It was popular among the youth in areas which are usually untouched by modern facilities. 30% of the videos on TikTok are made by Indian users. Indian youth used to spend a lot of time on these Chinese apps, that is, China could serve content as they wanted in front of them. India has closed the doors of a very big market for these Chinese apps by banning them.

China will get hurt due to the ban
Apart from TikTok, social media platforms like Helo and Likee are quite famous. Bigo Live is popular among users who are not comfortable in English. When these users suddenly stop using Chinese apps, then they will have a significant loss of revenue. Most apps show ads in between to users for earning. If the large userbase itself disappears, then the revenue coming from the ad will be hit.

Ban does not affect our health
Banning Chinese apps will not affect India. The users who used to use those apps, now have to find options which are not less in the market. Secondly, due to this ban, many Indian developers will be encouraged to create apps. Many have even started writing ‘Make in India’ in their apps.

How will the government implement the ban?
A notification will be issued by the Government of India in which Internet service providers will be asked to block these apps. Users of the app will soon see a message on the screen that the access to the app has been stopped on the government’s instructions. The same message will appear on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. However, apps that do not require an active Internet connection may continue to be used. Although these apps can no longer be downloaded in India, the government has banned these apps using Section 69A of the IT Act.

List Of Chinese Apps Banned In India