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Five Eyes: Know what it is and its importance for India

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China’s ambitions remain a headache for India. He is already challenging America, which is called the world’s superpower, in many respects. India has joined hands with America to stop China’s expansionist policy. America is also taking many steps to contain China. America is now adopting a cooperative attitude from many countries of the world. Under this, recently, he has invited South Korea to join his ‘Five Eyes’ organization, a bill related to which was approved for voting in the lower house of the US Parliament.

What was ‘five eyes’
‘Five Eyes’ is an intelligence organization where the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand work as allies. The concept of this organization is ancient when the code breakers of America and the UK used to hold informal meetings with each other during World War II. Members of the intelligence systems of both countries began to hold secret talks. Its purpose was to determine the objectives of ending the world war.

The struggle of the superpowers
After the Second World War, the Cold War started in the world, in which the whole world was divided into axes between the US and the Soviet Union. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia took over its legacy, but then America dominated the whole world. Russia has now avoided direct confrontation with America, but China’s expansionist policy in its surrounding sea areas remains a matter of concern for America along with its neighbors.

Looking for new partners
America’s proposal to join South Korea with Five Eyes is being seen in this context. America wants to add South Korea and India, Germany, and Japan to this Five Eyes organization. The purpose of the bill being introduced in the US Parliament is to formally authorize funding for US military activities for the next fiscal year.

To deal with great powers
This also includes the support of the operation for intelligence meetings with American allies, including Five Eyes. The Congressional Subcommittee of Intelligence and Special Operations, which reviewed the draft of this bill, has mentioned this organization in its report. The committee believes that it is essential for the Five Eyes countries to compete with big powers like China and Russia.

Five will turn into nine eyes
It has also been emphasized in the report that, along with this, countries with similar mindsets should be included in it. Apart from Korea, Japan, Germany, and India have also been named among its new potential member countries. If this bill is passed in the US Parliament and President Joe Biden signs it, these Five Eyes can formally become Nine Eyes.

How the group of five countries was formed
The South Korean government has not clarified the official stand in this matter, while discussions between the two countries have been mentioned many times. This organization was formally started in 1946 with the UKUSA Agreement. It was joined by Canada in 1948 and then Australia and New Zealand in 1956.

Although countries had taken cooperation in sharing intelligence during the Cold War, apart from this, many countries of Europe and Asia had also cooperated in this as a third party. In 2013, US lawmakers requested the then-President Barack Obama to include Germany in this group. In 2019, an attempt was made to include India, Japan, and South Korea. Last year, India and Japan joined Five Eyes to appeal to tech companies to allow “backdoor entry” into encrypted smartphone applications.