For the first time in the world, the 'Online Rape' was punished.

For the first time in the world, the ‘Online Rape’ was punished in Sweden.

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41-year-old Bjorn Samstrom has been sentenced to ten years in prison for sexual violence with 27 minorities.
Most of these are girls under 15 years of age. Björn’s crime is different because he never met these children, nor did he ever have a physical relationship with them. Bjorn was convicted by a court in Uppsala in Stockholm. This is the first time that anyone has been sentenced to commit sexual violence on the Internet.
Bjorn has been charged that he used to tell 26 children from USA, Canada and UK to perform various types of sexual acts before the webcam. If children refused to do so, Bjorn threatened to kill his family and put his video on porn website. All these incidents took place between the months of 2015 to 2017.

Sexual Violence on the Internet

Bjorn was prosecuted for sexual violence through internet, which was the first such case in itself. Apart from this, a case of child pornography was recorded on Bjorn as he kept the children’s sexual acts recorded on their computer. But what is sexual violence on the internet?
In this case, according to Plaintiff Anika Vanstom, “It relies on the imagination of the person who makes sexually violent. There is no limit to the technique, therefore, we should think in terms of what action can come in sexual violence. That every case should be assault or physical bullying. ”
Anika said, “It is easier to do this by going through any of the sports grounds than breaking their prey.” We take these issues very seriously, these are real crimes to be done in a virtual way. ” 18 of the 26 victims were questioned during the trial. The trial lasted for 20 days.

Juvenile Sexual Abuse
The identity of the remaining nine children has not been opened. Bjorn believed that sex was done from children but he refused to join himself in this matter. A case similar to this has also appeared before. In 2011, Louis Miyangos of Mexico was sentenced to six years in California.
Miyangos used to exploit adolescents through misleading software. But according to the FBI report, Miyangos was charged with cyber extremism and psychological warfare. Not in online rape case. In Sweden, there has been a lot of speed in the past few years in cases of sexual violence and rape.
According to the United Nations, Sweden is second in the world in rape cases. According to official figures alone, there were 17,300 cases of sexual violence in 2015 alone.

What to do in case of sexual violence on the Internet

* Do not hide: Talk to a person of your trust and file a complaint in police.
* Do not panic, do not come in blackmail. If you have already made a payment and canceled it, cancel it.
* Do not keep in touch: Do not talk to criminals in any way.
* Keeping the evidence: Do not erase your conversation and photographs, keep them as evidence, no matter how shameful they may be.

Repeal law in Sweden
There have been changes in the law because of rising cases of rape in Sweden. Online rape has also been included in the new law. According to law, sexual violence is not limited to physical contact or admission only with the victim.
According to Professor James Chambers of Glasgow University, “Most of the laws related to rape are conditioned that the victim’s body has been entered. Therefore, if this case had happened in another country, then Bjorn could not face a rape trial. After the change in Sweden’s law, the rest of the countries will also be motivated to re-think their law. “