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First Salary get trending on twitter

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Bollywood comes up with many new trends. And the list of these trends is never-ending. Recently, they came up with a new trend. This trend is the first salary. In this trend, Bollywood actors, filmmakers, and others are posting on Twitter about their first salary. And along with it the age at which they acquired it, and what did they spend it on.

Anubhav Sinha, one of the famous movie makers came forward and explained his first salary. He worked when he was 18 years old. And the reason behind his work was to smoke. He used to smoke in his early days, and for this only he used to work. “First Salary-Rs 80; Age-18; Arithmetic educational cost to a class 7 understudy to procure for my smoking in the Engg school.”

And after this, it did not take much time for others to join Anubbhav Sinha. Producer Hansal Mehta also came forward. He added, “First compensation Rs.450pm; Age-16; Salesperson at Intershoppe Kemp’s Corner selling Fu’s pants and easygoing wear to bring in cash for my lesser school closet.”

After that, Umesh Shukla also told about his work. He is a producer. And he was the producer of very famous movies like ‘OMG: Oh My God’ and ‘102 Not Out’. He tweeted, “First compensation – Rs.35 per show. Was doing Back Stage under the chief Mahendra Joshi. 400 Rs as a sales rep for Leo toys n NikiTasha kitchenette.”