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The first prisoner of Indian origin who convicted of death in the US, fixed the date of the death penalty

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Washington: The date of the death sentence of Indian American prisoner, first convicted of death, has been fixed next month. 32-year-old Raghunandan Yandmuri has been found guilty of murdering an innocent woman and her Indian grandmother. Raghunandan was sentenced to death in 2014. He had kidnapped 61-year-old Indian woman and his 10-month-old grand daughter kidnapped.
This case was seen as a kidnapping for ransom. According to local officials, the date for the death sentence of Raghunandan has been fixed on February 23. However his sentence can be postponed because Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has banned the death penalty since 2015. Raghunandan is the first Indian American to face death penalty. Federal officials had alleged that these murders were done for ransom.

Andhra Pradesh’s Raghunandan came to the US on the H-1B visa. He has a degree in electrical and computer science engineering. After being convicted, he said that he should be punished for death. He later appealed his sentence, but in April last year it was rejected. According to the local media report, they will be sentenced to death on February 23 by giving poisonous injections.

According to a statement from the Pennsylvania administration, according to the law on the death sentence, when the governor does not sign a warrant of death penalty in a fixed time frame, the Secretary of Corrections can issue a death penalty notice within 30 days. In Pennsylvania, for the past 20 years no one has been sentenced to death.