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First Lady Melania’s Appeal, Do not to separate migrant children from mother on the border.

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Washington, On the controversial issue of separation of children from displaced families from their parents on the US border, where the Democratic MPs raised the voice, the first lady of America itself has now come against it and the request to stop this political trend Have done Most of Mexico’s displaced families are affected by this policy.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has enforced the policy of zero tolerance for illegal immigrants, there is resentment in the political parties on both sides and especially when America was celebrating Father’s Day. Trump said that he wanted to end the separation but he continued to blame the opposition Democrats for this crisis.

On the other hand, critics say that the crisis is made of their own. Trump’s wife Melania does not often interfere in political matters. He did not condemn this policy of Trump administration but stressed the immigration reform of both sides to resolve this issue.

Melania spokeswoman Stefani said in CNN conversation, “Mrs. Trump hates kids to see their children separate from their family and expect that people on both sides will come together to achieve immigration reform successfully.”

Tell that attorney general Jeff Session has declared that all displaced persons coming from Mexico illegally can be arrested. Since the children can not be sent to jail, they are separated from the arrested parents.