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First brother raped, then court sentenced to 6 months on abortion.

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Jakarta, In Indonesia, a 15-year-old teenager has been sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for abortion, with which her elder brother raped. An Indonesian official said on Saturday that Muara Bulian district court spokesman Listo Arif Budiman said that on Thursday, the teenager was punished with her 17-year-old brother.

They were heard in closed rooms in Muara Bulian District Court of Sumatra Island. She told that the teen has been convicted under the Child Protection Act in connection with abortion. His brother was sentenced to two years in prison for sexually exploiting a teenager.

In Indonesia, if a woman is raped with her, apart from the circumstances of her life or the danger of the life of a woman, abortion is legally prohibited. According to law, abortion can be done only by a registered professional, within six weeks of pregnancy. Budiman said that this teenager was raped eight times since last September and her abortion was done after six months of pregnancy.