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Fighter aircraft sent by UK to intercept the Russian bombers over North Sea.

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London, Russia’s bombers look towards their area, in the UK, there has been a stir on Monday. The UK immediately fired the Royal Air Force fighters to stop these bombers. Russian bombers were heading towards the UK airspace over North Sea. It is worth mentioning that this is the latest incident of this kind involving Russia.

The UK’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) has confirmed that the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) fighter aircraft flew immediately from Royal Air Force (RAF) Base Logimouth in North Eastern Scotland. Although the number of planes was not clear, it was not clear. A statement by MoD said, “We confirm that Typhoon Aircraft has been dispatched to monitor the 2 blackjack bombers moving towards the UK’s affluent area.”

It was further told that initially Russian aircraft was monitored by fighter planes of many Allied countries and finally RAF intercepted them in North Sea. It has been reported that Russian jets had come close to 40 nautical miles (or 46 miles) from the UK territory. It is said to be 30 nautical miles away from the airborne airspace of British sovereignty.

Significantly, typhoons are fighter aircraft, which are used during monitoring and major disputes. It is being said that during the operation, the Voyager refueling aircraft from RAF Bridge Norton Base also assisted these typhoons. RAF Logimmouth is used as a base for QRA. Here pilots live 24 hours alert.

Well, this is not the first such incident. It is being told that even earlier jets of many countries including Russia have been close to the UK. On January 8, Russia’s two warships and 2 subsidiaries went very close to the UK watershed. At that time, Portsmouth-based type 23 British warship was sent to intercept the Russian warship. In September last year, 2 RAF Typhoons was also flagged for monitoring Russian military aircraft moving towards the British airspace.