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Fifa World Cup: Crime will not show up in Russia.

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Moscow, Russia hosted FIFA World Cup this year, has adopted the odd method to present a clean image across the globe. The country’s media has been ordered not to raid any criminal reports during the World Cup. This order is being considered by President Vladimir Putin as part of attempts to introduce Russia as a crime free zone.

In view of the threat of terrorist attacks, Moscow has installed anti-drone jammers and missile launchers in stadiums. Regional police force has been brought in to patrol the cities that are hosting, so that their own city is now complaining about the deficiency of the police force. Russia has deployed additional warships and aircraft due to alleged feud of Ukraine in the Azov river.

According to the Telegraph UK news, no criminal news is to be printed between June 5 and July 25. Not only that, the police will also keep a watch on the social media during this time that no negative information about the country’s government or ministries is being shared.

According to News Site MediaJona, no news has been received in Russia since June 6 to catch any culprit or solve the crime. MediaJona told the Russian Home Ministry sources that according to the order, only positive news should be given to the place. Russia is already one of the most polished countries in the world. In 2014, during the Sochi Winter Olympics, 34 people died in a suicide attack. Because of this, Russia does not want to take any kind of security loop hole in this time.