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Feeling overwhelmed because of the lockdown? Here are a few tips to lift up your spirits!

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In a wholly unexpected unprecedented turn of events, the pandemic has taken everyone in the world by surprise. We have been limited to the box-like confines of our homes, learning how to live in solitude with minimal social contact. The whole world has come to a halt, with our personal, professional, and social lives in tatters. Plus, the whole world seems to be filled with the news of death, destruction, and doom. Such a situation can eventually get to anyone and severely affect one’s mental health.

If you are feeling low and feel suffocated, know that you are not alone. It is okay to feel anxious and restless because the magnitude of the event is most certainly very frightening. Around the globe, people have been experiencing such emotions. However, there is solace in knowing that you are safe and people are trying their best to get the situation under control. If you are feeling too suffocated and anxious, here are a few ways that will make you feel better at this unprecedented time.

  1. Watch your favourite movie

Movies can alter your mood greatly in a very short span of time. Watch a fun, happy movie and it is sure to light up your mood. Maybe a chick-flick (Mean Girls, Pretty Woman, etc.) or a feel-good classic (Forrest Gump, Inside Out); whatever suits your taste! However, you should try to stay away from horror movies or psychological thrillers or gore because they may bring your spirits further down.

  1. Indulge in something artistic

Art has therapeutic properties that are known to heal several maladies. It can help you to calm down because of the intricacy and concentration required in its conception. You can make crafts (such as creating a bookmark), draw something, or paint something. Adult coloring books are also widely bought for this exact purpose! You can also choose to spend some time with that musical instrument that you have not touched in years or write whatever has been troubling you in your diary! In whichever way or form, art will help.

  1. Create a happy meal for yourself

Food is one of the most innocent and kind things in the world! It can bring us such immeasurable happiness. If you are feeling too low, cook something for yourself and indulge a little bit! One cheat meal will not hurt. Bake a cake, or eat those fries that you have been craving. Home delivery is still very functional almost everywhere, so help out businesses and order if you want to! This can be a perfect addition to your movie plans as well!

  1. Call up that old friend

Over the years, life has been getting progressively busier for all of us. We barely find the time to cater to ourselves, let alone our old friends. Now is the perfect time to call up that old friend you haven’t spoken to in months. Happy nostalgia will help you to come out of that sullen mood and help you feel so much better! Plus, this has an additional benefit; you will end up making your friend’s day better as well!

  1. Self-Care

All those tutorials and routines that you have been watching on YouTube but were never able to follow; now is the time for you to try them. Put on a face mask, try that hair pack recipe, give yourself that pedicure! Make a spa day out of it!

  1. Read a book

This one may be a slightly longer shot. It may be a little difficult to concentrate on a book. Yet, if you put in just a little bit of effort and get through the first few pages, you will find yourself so much more relaxed. To make it easier, pick up a mystery story or something that aligns with your interests and keeps you hooked! Reading is one of the most calming things in the world and it sure to help you.

  1. Talk to a therapist

All these are tips that may help you, but sometimes we all need a little extra help. There are several online therapists who are fully functional and working full time even in such times. Avail their service and talk to them if you feel the need to. It is always helpful and you will feel better.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is a proven method of calming people down. You can start with a fifteen-minute session and progressively increase the duration as you feel more comfortable. It may be slightly difficult to concentrate in the initial stages, yet that is exactly how you are meant to feel. Within only a few days, you will feel much better and notice a difference in your body and mind.

With these simple yet effective tips, your mood will certainly lighten up. It is a difficult time, but it will get better very soon! Be sure to take care of yourself in these times.