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Father of 22 children made by sperm donate on Facebook.

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Glasgow, An individual is accused of being a father of 22 children, giving an advertisement of his spamming on Facebook illegally. The 39-year-old man who lives in Glasgow has accepted the allegations made by himself. Anthony Fletcher (renamed name) told that the women who were yearning for the child would call them near their home and give their spark. However, he did not take money for it.

According to the news of ‘The Sun’, Fletcher said that he had sperm donate to nearly 50 women who had reached the expectation of just one child from the entire United Kingdom. Fletcher says that he got this inspiration 5 years ago that he can help free women with the help of sperm which is not being child.

However, doctors described Fletcher’s behavior as extremely dangerous. In the beginning, Fletcher began to legalize his own sperm through a clinic. However, any child born with this procedure is identified as the identity of his father when he becomes 18 years old. So Fletcher started selling his sperm on Facebook.

In the United Kingdom it is illegal to donate sperm and eggs without the license of the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority. Fletcher wrote on Facebook, “I am an active and experienced sperm donor. I’m a few miles away from Glasgow. I still can help women get pregnant. I would be happy to do a sperm donate to single women, gay couples and women living in heterosexual relationships. ‘

Fletcher further wrote, ‘Tell me your location, tell your age, relationship status and donation process, whatever you want. I do not take money for sperm donation. ‘