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Father beats daughter to death for wanting to marry a Muslim boy

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No matter how progressive our society is now, there are people who still have an orthodox mentality. It’s sad to see that there are people who are still against inter-caste marriages.

On the 6th of August 2020, Thursday, an enraged father reportedly beat his 20-year-old daughter to death in a fit of rage after she insisted on marrying a Muslim boy.

This incident happened in the Gandhigram area of the Rajkot city. As per police reports, the accused, Gopal Nakum is a casual laborer who allegedly hit his daughter Ila with a club used in doing laundry at their residence in Shah Nagar-4 in Gandhigram area of the city at around 8 in the morning, on Thursday.

The commissioner of Rajkot city police made a statement and said, “The father asked the daughter to have her morning tea. But she refused to have it, telling his father that she would not drink even a glass of water until she is allowed to marry the boy she had an affair with. In a fit of rage, the father hit the girl in the head with a club two-three times which led to a fatality.”

Apparently, Ila fell unconscious due to the assault and her neighbor dialed the emergency number and an ambulance reached the spot soon. Ila was taken to a state government-run PDU hospital where she succumbed to her injuries at 1:50 pm.

The commissioner said that just a few days back, the victim had eloped to the house of the 19-year-old boy with whom she had had an affair. “But the boy is not of marriageable age and therefore, families of the boy and the girl persuaded her to return home the same day,” said the commissioner. He further added, “this does not look like a case of honor-killing but more a crime committed in a fit of rage.”

When asked about what exactly triggered this incident, a police officer said, “On June 18 this year, Ila’s mother had died of a heart attack. On Thursday morning, when Ila started sulking, demanding that she be married to the boy, the father reminded her of her mother’s death just around a month ago and that they had still not recovered from that loss. But the daughter persisted, enraging the father.”

The commissioner further said that the father was arrested right after the demise and was detained by police after the incident turned into a gruesome murder.

The Muslim boy’s family too was against this relationship and did not approve it. The boy was a 19 year old and did not attain the age of marriage, that is, 21 years. A police officer said, “Additionally, the boy’s family also did not approve of the relationship.”

We live in a society that’s growing rapidly. No, I’m not talking about the population, I’m talking about the mental growth. In such a progressive society, there are people who can still go to any extent for their orthodox beliefs. If you know anyone who might be in danger, please reach out to them and help them. Be there for each other during such trying times.