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FATF threatens to increase sanctions on Iran over terror funding.

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The multinational workforce said on Friday that it is tightening economic sanctions against Iran due to its failure to stop terror funding. In this regard, the Economic Action Group of 38 countries (FATF) says that if Iran fails to control terror funding by October, more strict economic steps will be taken against it.

According to a statement, the FATF hopes from Iran that it will move forward smoothly in the direction of reform and will ensure that all the drawbacks are removed, to remove all the drawbacks. United States secretary of the treasury Steven Mnuchin on Friday condemned the ‘intentionally Iran financing terrorism and failing to stop systemic money laundering’ in his speech.

In the last one year, the US has imposed several economic sanctions against Iran. Since President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal in particular, the US is taking stringent measures against Iran. On the backdrop of an increased tension between the two countries after Iran drowned a US drone, Trump tweeted on Friday that strict restrictions have been imposed last night. However, the ban has not yet been announced.