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Fashion Tips: Western Wear Vs Saree, Here’s How To Wear Both Together

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Fashion Tips: The trend of western wear has increased a lot. There was a time when girls liked to wear saree in the family or any big social event. But in the changing fashion era, the way of wearing has changed. Yes, whenever girls have to wear a saree, they wear it in western style. In which you look stylish. Saree is trending a lot these days with western wear. Yes, this idea is best for those who want to wear western wear as well as sarees. Let us know in which different ways we can wear both western wear and sari together. Take a look at these fashion tips.

  1. You must have seen the dhoti. For girls in the same style is also readily available in the market. Wear a slightly longer kurta with a dhoti. After this, wear the dupatta in sari style in contrast. The way the saree is draped.

2 This style will give you a girlish look. And you won’t even feel aunty type.

  1. Can also wear a dupatta with a long skirt and crop top. It will give an Indian look along with the traditional look. If you wear this type of dress during the day, then you prefer light colour only. He looks much better. On the other hand, the dark colour looks better at night.

So now you can comfortably wear both dresses together. You don’t have to worry about anything. Anyway, the Indo-Western style is being preferred more in marriage, social programs or any other program.