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Fashion Tips: 5 Simple Tricks To Hide A Fat Belly By Wearing A Lehenga

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Fashion Tips: Being fat is not a bad thing. But if the tummy looks too big, then it does not look good. For example, if a person seems too thin, then it does not feel good. However, there are many tricks to hide obesity, which will prove to be helpful for you. So you will not feel isolated in wearing any dress. And then whether it is a sari or a dress, you will look perfect on yourself. So let’s know some fashion tips –

  1. Wear shapewear – Yes, if your stomach comes out a lot, then wear shapewear. It will not make you look slim. But you will not look fat. You can wear it comfortably in saree and also in Indo western. Girls also often wear it when they have to go to a party.
  2. Long Blouse – When the belly is visible, there is a lot of hesitation. In such a situation, you can hide your stomach by wearing a long blouse. This will not bother you in any way. Also, it will give you a new look. Nowadays, long blouses are trending, which are being worn with heavy sarees. A jacket with a blouse is also in trend, which will give you a different stylish look.
  3. Choose a Light Color – Yes, the more light colors you wear, the more you will look and feel beautiful. Also, a light-colored sari or dress will work in suppressing your obesity. Whether the program is in the daytime or at night, only light colors should be worn.
  4. Do not wear balloon, printed and frock style – If you are chubby, do not wear a blouse in balloon-style even after forgetting. Do not wear too many printed sarees. In this, you will look more fat. Not only this, even though you are not fat, you will look fat compared to other days.
  5. Say No to Embroidery – Yes, wear or not wear embroidery work less to look slim. You will look more graceful and slim in a light or straight kurta. You can also wear chiffon or cotton kurtas.