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Farmers adhering to Cockroach, very useful for clean environment and stomach disorders.

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Beijing, We often keep on removing cockroaches from our homes. You might not have thought that cockroaches can also be useful to us. In China, they are used in the treatment of stomach disorders and compost of garbage. You might be surprised to know that 3 billion Cockroach consumes 15 tons of kitchen Waste everyday. According to reports published in South China Morning Post, they are being used to keep the environment clean. According to the experts, the use of cockroach can be used to treat oral and peptic ulcer, skin diseases and stomach cancer.

Liu Yesheng, the president of an inset industry, told that the number of people continuously encouraging cockroaches is increasing. In the last few years there has been a huge increase in cockroach rearing. To maintain the cockroach, temperature of 28 to 33 degrees Celsius is required and humidity should be maintained here. Cockroaches, like scorpions and other animals, have also been used to make medicines in China. In many places, the farmers sell agro-cockroach to big companies. They are also used to eliminate garbage.

These cockroaches are quite useful to eliminate garbage dumped on mountainous terrain. Experts say that burning garbage or throwing them in the open causes damage to the environment and greenhouse gases are also made but disposal of garbage using cockroach is very beneficial. This is a natural process.