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Fans of K-pop band BTS raise 5 lakhs as Assam flood relief fund

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India has been battling for the past few months with a number of issues, earthquakes, cyclones, locusts swarms, and the novel coronavirus pandemic that is responsible for over 10 lakh deaths. Amid this pandemic, a new threat to India has been showing up in the news lately.

Yes, I’m talking about the Assam floods. The floods in Assam have been creating havoc in Assam for the past few days. Many people have lost their lives due to this in the last 24 hours. There are people who are homeless, stranded, hungry. The situation in Assam is undeniably the worst at this point.

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) also popularly known as Bangtan Boys, is a famous K-pop boy band with seven members in it. This boy band has a huge fan base, known as the ARMY. They have fans not only in Korea but all over the world. Amidst these crises, the Indian fans of BTS have come together virtually in order to raise funds for those affected by the devastating Assam floods.

This campaign provides necessary toiletries and food to those who are stranded. Talking about their journey, they said, “It all started on July 15th when a few individual accounts of Indian Army, fans of BTS, were really heartbroken over the devastating news of how badly Assam was affected by floods. A native ARMY was contacted by one of the members who then suggested doing a collaboration with People For People, a fundraising organization. There was back and forth communication and sharing of ideas over only a few hours and this plan was then come up within the night of 15th July. We initially didn’t expect many donations and kept a humble target of ₹30k when we started the donation drive at 1:30 pm on 16th July. We contacted ARMYs, big and small accounts, who promoted wholeheartedly.”

They further went on to say, “Soon after posting, the donation drive was rapidly gaining traction which surprised us all, with the amount raised rising exponentially. We were thrilled and shocked even but we kept our feet to the ground and kept increasing our targets little by little.”

There were several hashtags for this that were trending on Twitter. That’s how many people joined this campaign of helping people. Overwhelmed by the response, BTS ARMY said, “With immense help from the fandom and the kind ARMYs, who has always been as charitable as their favorite Korean group, BTS, we raised ₹5.8 Lakhs in 24 hours, an amount a lot higher than the initial target.”

They reached their target and helped maximum people in Assam. While everyone was busy fighting COVID-19, this fanbase continued doing their noble work. They thanked each and everyone for their help. In a tweet, they said, “We honestly would not have been able to raise this much without help from ARMYs and the general public. We are very grateful and look forward to carrying out more projects for India from our newfound fanbase, BTSARMYhelpsIndia which we created seeing the response. It is the need of the hour for the current generation to stand up for issues in the country and help India be a beautiful country that is, of course, by following the values BTS has taught us. It’s incredible how we all fell in love with BTS’s music and lyrics, which talks about self-love and tackles mental health and issues of youth. Thank you to BTS and the ARMY. Thank you to the population of India. We purple you.”

It’s great to see that people are so aware and cautious. This is not the first time the Army is doing something for the welfare of society. They also contributed a lot during the Black Lives matter movement.