Famous hairstlyist, Aalim Hakim found positive for COVID-19

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COVID-19 is on such a rise at this point of time that no one can even think that from where they can get in range of this disease. Wherever one goes there is always a fear in mind that hope no COVID positive must be here. And recently we have seen many celebrity stars have been found COVID positive and now a celebrity hairstylist has also tested positive for COVID-19. After this, there has been a cloud of fear roaming of stars as many huge stars go to them for their haircut and these are the ones that do the work of hairstylists in movies.

A celebrity hairstylist Aalim Hakim has recently been found as corona positive. After being found positive he informed everyone through his Instagram handle. Alim Hakim is known to have many famous Bollywood superstars as his client. He wrote in the post, “Dear all, I would like to inform everyone that I have tested COVID positive. Fortunately, I was already in quarantine as I had come for a film shoot & the protocol is to be tested upon landing and be in isolation until test reports come out. I am asymptomatic & feeling absolutely fine and I will continue to remain quarantined until I test negative. Thank you for your support & well wishes – Aalim Hakim”

Aalim Hakim has worked in many movies and many hairstyles that went viral after being the release of the movie were also done by him. Some of his very famous works include Robot, Baahubali, Rockstar, Sanju, Udta Punjab, Kabir Singh, Street Dancer, and War and many other movies too.

Once on a live meeting on Facebook, Hakim shared what goes behind planning the search for an entertainer in a specific film. “I remember a ton of things while styling for a film – the character, his financial status, his age, his stage in the film, what he is experiencing. Much the same as reality, even a film has parts, so we style according to sections. On the off chance that you see all the movies which I’ve styled for – Kabir Singh, Sanju, Baahubali, we do a ton of schoolwork. We plunk down with originators and scholars. We choose how the surface of the hair ought to be, regardless of whether it should look rich, have additional sparkle, or look fragile. Additionally, regardless of whether it’ll change later in the film if the character goes through a budgetary change. Like in Kabir Singh, you’ll see Shahid’s (Kapoor) whiskers isn’t manicured. There’s additional hair to make him resemble a heavy drinker. So all the components are considered on the grounds that the hair acts out a great deal,” the hairdresser said.

Mumbai-based Aalim Hakim is the child of Halim Kairanvi, the exemplary beautician for the Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar, and so on. At sixteen years old, Aalim Hakim took the scissors and brush to begin hair styling. As he lost his dad at an exceptionally young age, he took in certain stunts and abilities from his uncle and made his profession. He rose to the statures of the most searched out beautician for the Bollywood young men. His administration for the entertainment world began with the flick Maachis. He is the inventive individual with the means to instruct the superstars as well as everybody about how to treat their hair.