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Famous comedian Hasan Minhaj calls out ‘Desi Racism’.

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On the 4th of June 2020, comedian and Netflix show – ‘Patriot Act’ host Hasan Minhaj broke his silence on the controversy about Desi Racism and the ongoing mass protests in the United States of America, triggered by the death of George Floyd. Minhaj dropped a ‘Patriot Act Digital Exclusive episode on YouTube titled ‘We Cannot Stat Silent About George Floyd’.

The video was 12 – minutes long and covered literally everything. In the episode, that has since gone viral all over social media, Minhaj takes on the issue of racism, injustice, and anti-black attitudes prevalent among South Asian communities. He not only breaks down the Black Lives Matter movement but also speaks up about how racism is an issue related not just to black people but to other minorities as well.

The video has gone viral and has been well-received on social media platforms with netizens applauding him for taking a stand and addressing the deep-seated racism in Asian communities.

Twitter cheered Hasan Minhaj’s video. People started tweeting about how much they loved the episode. One of the tweets read “This is great, Hasan. One of the most powerful messages I’ve seen. I am no Asian, but I have seen real revolutions in Ukraine. I’ve seen the change that people can do. This has to stop, this has to change. More importantly, this CAN change”.

Another wrote, “Hasan Minhaj calling out the Indian Community for its hypocrisy and colorist actions during this time is exactly what I needed. Thank you @patriotact.”