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Facts about Tom and Jerry we never know!

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Ladies and gentlemen the classic cat and mouse duel are back in business! Yes, you are right Tom and Jerry the classic American comedy series created back in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The show got a lot of awards and appreciation from the whole world and most of the adults known the show as the sweet memory of their childhood. But do you know it is more than a cat chasing mouse around the house, this is more than that! This piece of writing is totally about the sweet 90’s summertime as we all reach the summertime of 2020.

According to the writers and directors of the show, the plot is about the love-hate relationship between two friends, yes guys they were not rivals. In the storyline most of the time they fight due to two main reasons only if they are playing pranks on each other or the owner of the house is around, and why is that. Tom knows that if he didn’t act as a mouse killer, then he will get replaced by another cat/ device that might kill jerry for real, so to protect his little buddy he sometimes throws him out of the house. As a child, we all though them as a classic cat and mouse hate fights but it was more about love than hate.

Tom and Jerry were not perfect from the start, tom was actually known as jasper the gray and white mute domestic shorthair cat and jerry was known as Jinx a small brown house mouse in the debut episodes. But later the audience loves the idea of Thomas the cat aka Tom and Jerry the mouse and the walnut brothers produce most of the episodes (the lion in the beginning).

Other characters of tom and jerry – more than a classic cat and mouse chase, there are a lot of side characters like nibble the mini mouse, spike and tyke the dog family, butch the black street cat and galore his minions, mammy two shoes (the house lady), that enhance the show quality of 28 years old series.

The censor – can you believe that a cartoon-like T and J can be censored for racism, yes it’s true in some of the episodes the animators have portrayed the faces of the characters as black people when they were in the bad space, like faces after explosions banned for it by cartoon network brazil in 1930-1950s. Also in 2006, 2011, and 2013 they caught up the same racism scandal and got censored for almost 27 shots.

Apart from the cartoon series and movies, Tom and Jerry inspired a lot of cultures to create their own version of cat and mouse tales. A comic strip was launched by Fred Quimby and Kelly Jarvis in 1950-1994, it was launched with the idea to revive the series of Tom and Jerry in comics. Also, the video games we use to play about Tom and Jerry was also an inspirational version of T and J. less we all know that a musical was also created the last year 2019 in the honor of 80 year anniversary of T and J by a Japanese writer Shigeki Motoiki.

With each series we have seen lots of changes like the name of the series (Tom and Jerry show in 1975, Tom and Jerry Comedy show in 1980, Tom and Jerry kids in 1990-1993, Tom and Jerry tales in 2006-2008, and the latest The Tom and Jerry Show in the 2014-till present), the animation of the characters, the storylines, scandals, etc. it is over 80 years old series that won thousands of hearts and souls and we still recommend it to our future generations.

Speaking of generation there is a buzz coming for the Tom and Jerry movie producers that a new movie is goanna resale this December, it will be a semi-animated movie inspired by the very first season of T and J, and it will be fun to watch, the tailor is still not out but we all are hoping that it will not postpone due to lockdown.