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Facebook: With the verification of political advertisements, the name of the payee will also be seen.

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Facebook is a victim of criticism in the data leak case, Facebook has now come into action to save its credibility. Now he is going to take such a step which can create a bustling atmosphere in political corridors. Actually Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who are trapped in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, said that political ads will no longer be found without verification. Apart from this, verification of pages of political parties will also be required.

Zuckerberg gave this information through a Facebook post. Zuckerberg wrote, “In many countries including the US, Mexico, Brazil, India and Pakistan, elections are to be held next year and for 2018 our aim is to make a positive environment for these elections and not interfere in them. After finding out about Russia’s intervention in the elections held in the US in 2016, we put new tools in 2017 and closed many fake accounts. Now we are going to take two big steps.

The name of the donor’s organization will look like
Zuckerberg said that any advertiser who wants to advertise political advertising now needs to do its verification, and for this advertise must confirm its location and identification. Any advertiser who fails to meet these conditions will not be shown on Facebook. Apart from this, the name of the institution giving money to political advertisements will also be posted on it.

To bring more transparency in political advertisements, a tool will be put in Facebook, through which anyone can see all the political advertisements that are running on one page.

Big political ads will have verification
Large political advertisements will also be verification now. Facebook will hire thousands of people for this. Facebook is thinking of doing this work before the 2018 elections.