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Facebook will peek into your WhatsApp message, this is the complete plan.

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Facebook will peek at your personal messages sent on WhatsApp. Actually, Facebook is working on an on-device AI algorithm to moderate content and message on its popular messaging platform Whatsapp. In such a situation, Facebook can also look into WhatsApp’s encrypted messages to implement its executable speech policy. In this case, Facebook will automatically scan messages before they are encrypted and sent. Experts say that for such a setup, WhatsApp will have to transmit objectionable message developers on the platform, so that artificial intelligence can be improved.

Message scanning alarm bell
Experts who look at Facebook’s move from another perspective say that scanning of encrypted messages could be a risk bell. It has been feared that after this the governments of some countries may put pressure on them to spy on social media firms. Facebook has announced content moderation on its platforms in the F8 Developers Conference on May 1, to be done by an on-device AI-powered system instead of data centers attached to humans. After this, AI will be able to moderate the content on the device of the user besides scanning it.

Messages will be scanned before encryption
Facebook’s concept is that when sending a message on WhatsApp, the in-app AI will directly scan the message before reaching its receiver and being encrypted. Also, its filtering algorithm will be updated regularly from a central source. This way, Facebook will prevent users from sending them to a message platform, which violates the Speech Guidelines and the rules. However, the end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp will be implemented after an AI scanning level, and some users and experts have raised concerns about it.

Security experts express concern
Security experts say that Facebook’s move to introduce on-app content moderation could create a backdoor for attackers and hackers within the device itself. According to Forbes, such objectionable and unencrypted messages of the app for the development and training of such content moderation algorithm will be sent to Facebook for analysis. Some people say that this is just a beginning and after such an update there will be a way to break into encryption. Security Expert Bruce said that in such a way, it would be easier for the government to put pressure on Facebook for spying.