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Facebook warns, more incidents like data leaks may come in the future.

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San Francisco, Social networking site Facebook has alerted its investors and said more incidents like data leaks may come out in the future. Such cases can damage the reputation and image of the company. Facebook has mentioned this in the report given to the American Securities and Exchange Commission. However, the name of cambridge analytica has not been named.

In its report, the company has said that large amount is being spent for safety and content review. This will ease the misuse of the data. According to Facebook, such incidents and suspicious activities have emerged from the media and third parties.

Facebook has warned investors that there may be more such cases. The data can be misused against the company’s policy. The company has said that the data could be misused to create election campaigns, unwanted advertisements and false information.

This can reduce the trust of our users, reduce the brand image, and also have an impact on business. Even here the company has to say that such cases of wrongful use can increase our legal difficulties and due to penalties, there is also a possibility of economic loss and time spent.