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Facebook reached in China: Facebook established subsidiary company, defying censorship.

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Beijing, Even though foreign social networking sites have been blocked in China, Facebook has set up a subsidiary by breaking its rules. According to China’s official business registration, the US company has registered a subsidiary with a capital of $ 30 million. According to the approval filed by China’s National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, this subsidiary of Facebook has been registered in Hangzhou. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, headquartered in China, is the headquarters of China’s legendary e-commerce company.

Facebook Hong Kong Limited has been listed in filing. Apart from this, no other company has a shareholder in it. Let us know that there is a ban on Facebook in China. There is a ban on foreign news outlets in China. There is even censorship in China on Twitter and Google’s content. Not only this, China has also banned Facebook’s messaging app Whatsapp.

China’s leadership in China has led to the increase in censorship in China’s leadership. Although American tech companies have been trying to infiltrate in different ways by defining the rules in the Chinese market. Google has hundreds of staff in China and recently launched its Artificial Intelligence Lab. Not only that, in the last few months, Google has launched several apps in the Chinese market.