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Facebook prohibits the violation of Myanmar violence and 4 groups that promote hatred.

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San francisco,
Facebook has banned four groups involved in spreading hatred and inciting violence in Myanmar. Facebook has named Arakan Army, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, Kachin Independence Army and the Tang National Liberation Army as ‘dangerous organizations’. “These armed groups have now banned Facebook and we will also remove posts of praise, support and representation of these groups,” said the legendary social media company in a statement on Tuesday.

Since August, Facebook has blocked three such networks, which were giving false information about themselves and their actions, as well as preventing the dissemination of hate and false information, some military officials of Myanmar have also been banned.

The company said, “There is clear evidence that these organizations are responsible for attacks against citizens and are engaged in spreading violence in Myanmar. We want to stop them from using our services to increase the tension. ” After spreading hatred in Myanmar, after engaging in criticism for not taking enough steps to prevent misuse of its platform, Facebook had promised to invest more in public, technology and partnership to make social network safer in November.