Facebook Pages experience has altered for Indian users! Find out what’s new


In India, Facebook offers a new feature for its members. The company has declared that a new Page design will be implemented. The new Page design, according to Facebook, makes it easier to identify and manage activities. It also makes it easier for users to follow people in their newsfeed and share likes and comments on their posts. Furthermore, the redesigned Page experience makes it simpler for organizations to comprehend relevant insights on content performance, such as audience patterns.

What’s new this time?

To put it bluntly, a great deal. Facebook claims to have improved the usability of its Page structure, making it easier for users to switch between a personal profile and a public Page. It will also make seeing bios, posts, and other vital information easier for users.

A separate newsfeed for Pages, according to the social media behemoth, would provide new ways to engage by facilitating discovery and participation in conversations. It will be much easier to keep up with trends, interact with peers, and engage with followers as a result of this.

This new newsfeed will also offer new connections to a Page or public figures, such as other public figures, Pages, Groups, and trending material. Furthermore, Page dialogues will now be more visible to a wider audience and appear more frequently in followers’ feeds, and public personalities’ remarks will be moved to the top of the comments area. People will be able to directly follow Pages via comments and recommended posts.

Another important change to Page layout is the introduction of a new text-based Q&A format to make dialogues more participatory. According to Facebook, the new design will eliminate Likes and instead focus on Followers, making it easier for individuals to interact with their favorite Pages. Followers of a Page, on the other hand, can now receive updates from their favorite Pages. This will also allow public personalities to better understand their fan base and develop closer relationships with them.

Page maintenance will now be easier thanks to improved task-based admin controls, according to the business. “Page admins can now manage particular duties such as Insights, Ads, Content, and Community Activity & Messages with complete or varying levels of access”. In a blog post, Facebook stated, “This will also maintain account safety and integrity.”

Facebook also announced that increased safety and integrity tools will boost the platform’s capacity to detect prohibited activity such as hate speech, violent, pornographic, or spammy content, and impersonation. Increased prominence of Verified Badges will also make it easier to distinguish posts and comments from genuine Pages and profiles. A verified Page’s comment on another Page’s public post may be shown in NewsFeed and appear higher in the comments section.

What isn’t going to change?

While a lot is changing, Facebook also pointed out a few things that will remain the same. Existing content, posts, and Page information, as well as existing advertisements and campaigns and admin rights, will not be affected, according to Facebook. “When someone transitions to the new experience, admins will receive a notification,” Facebook noted.