Facebook made camera glasses with Ray-Ban, now questions are being raised on privacy

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You may remember that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that your future is private. But now, this seems to be proving to be meaningless. Actually, Facebook has launched camera glasses with Ray-Ban. Although it is excellent, questions are being raised about privacy on it. Experts say that the company has not entirely kept privacy in front.

The first thing to note about Facebook’s new camera glasses is that they’re called Ray-Ban Stories. This is because it is made in partnership with the eyeglass maker Ray-Ban.

Direct post not showing on Facebook
According to media reports, if you want to wear these Facebook camera glasses, they do not directly post on your Facebook or Instagram. They just take large videos and pictures and send them all through a particular app on your phone (iOS or Android) that connects to the glasses over Bluetooth. The name of this app is Q.

The View app requires a Facebook account to log in, but the content doesn’t connect directly to your account. Videos and photos stay on your phone, not sent to Facebook’s servers or the cloud. So you can say Facebook does not see you.

People don’t trust Facebook

In an article, it has been written on Facebook questioning whether your important data, i.e., photos and videos, can be safe from the eyes of Mark Zuckerberg. But the real danger here is not your data but the fact that you are walking around wearing spy glasses. You have no idea your video or photo is being taken.

It is further written in the article that how can you take a photo of someone without knowing the person in front? It is terrifying, and it can cause a lot of damage. This could lead to someone threatening, blackmailing, or shaming you.

What is the specialty of Facebook glasses?

There is a camera on both the poles of the glasses, which is five megapixels. The photos and videos were taken with this look really great.
The camera mounted on the glasses can take good pictures in low light, and there is less movement while taking videos.
There are speakers on the poles of the glasses. They are activated by touch to the body, which is easy to use.
Slightly heavier than average specs and takes around 6 hours to charge.

However, this prism of Facebook has once again raised the fear of infringement of privacy. The company has so far kept silent on the issue of privacy. Anyone wearing these glasses can take a photo or video of anyone without permission or information. You can store it on your camera and post it on Facebook whenever you want.