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Facebook is changing newsfeed, lack of news, people’s posts will get priority.

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New York: Facebook users are making changes to the posts appearing to make time spent on social media more meaningful. This change can cause business loss to news organizations and companies sharing their content through Facebook. Facebook’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg said in a post on Thursday that this change is being done to connect people with close people and to protect them from the tension and the loneliness. He wrote, “Research shows that when we use social media to connect with close people, then it is good for us.”

He said, “We can feel more connected and less lonely and it is associated with long time happiness and health. It can not be as good after reading other articles or watching the video as entertaining and enlightening them. “The company said that this change will show in the low post news feeds of brands, pages and media companies and people’s posts appear more Will take place.

Videos in Newsfeed will also show less. This will make people less time on Facebook. He said that this step is to give preference to those posts which Facebook considers meaningful. Senior researcher (Digital News) Oh Se-Uk said at the Korea Press Foundation, “This is the step taken in the direction that Facebook is already paying attention to.

Facebook’s goal is to provide a public place for discussion among people, instead of becoming sources of news. Facebook wants people who are friends to be closer and more close to discussions. Facebook is estimated to fall in traffic of news media websites through Facebook. “Facebook said that it is the same as people are offline with each other.