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Eyes wide shut – a brilliantly made film. It’s definitely a must-watch.

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I have been moved by a lot of films. Films that stun you such that you’re left in complete silence with only your thoughts to ponder over what you just experienced. Left in tears, utter joy, or both. Sometimes nothing but just a numb feeling of nothing.

If I were analogous to one of that glass snow globes and me being moved by a good film would be like shaking the globe and disturbing its stillness or monotonicity. The glitter in the globe would be dispersed and would eventually settle down. But never in the same way. With every film the order of things changes; no glitter particulate lands where it took off from. In layman terms every film changes you, it changes your perspective of things, it changes your belief, it changes the way you think. It affects you in many different ways you don’t understand but the majority of the time it’s subtle and therefore you don’t realize; sometimes
it’s huge.

I recently watched Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”. Now, a lot of movies have been made about sex, love, marriage, and infidelity. Pick any Gasper Noe’s or Woody Allen’s work for example. But Eyes Wide Shut isn’t a thought-provoking film that leaves you infatuated or sad with its story.

The film simply does not have a message or lesson to teach. The film is void of opinion; it simply shows what is. It’s like one of those meaningless dreams that you get which are just collection of some

Kubrick’s intent and style were never to leave a message it was the immensity of it. Just the experience of watching the film. You aren’t hooked because of the compelling story it’s the clever filmmaking. Very soon into the film, you realize it’s a slow-paced with a decent and straight point A to point B story but yet you continue watching it. As if you’re watching the water slowly drip from a faucet. As if you’re in a dream. Because dreams more than the story are about how real they are and how immersed you were in them.

Most of Kubrick’s films are about the contemplation and examination of human intentions, the essence of human behavior. And that’s all he is trying to show. There are no justifications, answers, or redemptions.

Kubrick literally puts you in the protagonist’s (Dr. Hartford played by Tom Cruise) shoes and you walk with him experiencing his encounters, figuring out things, and later putting the pieces of the puzzle together. And Kubrick is able to do this with haunting camera work and soundtrack that still sends chills down my spine.

The brilliant acting by Cruise and Kidman only adds to it. It’s a must-watch, the kind of film that you watch more than once to clean your pallet. I was shaking but the glitter doesn’t want to settle.