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Eye care tips- Reduce puffiness of eyes in just 10 minutes

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Eye care tips: In the run-of-the-mill life, women are often unable to take care of themselves. Sometimes swelling is also seen under the eyes, due to which the face looks different. But some easy home remedies can be followed to reduce the increasing puffiness under the eyes. So let us know that before sleeping at night at home, follow some eye care tips, which will also reduce the puffiness of the eyes and will also help in reducing the growing dark circles under the eyes-

  1. Cold Spoon– Yes, it must have sounded a bit strange. But if puffy eyes are troubling you, placing around cold spoon on your eyes can give relief. For this, keep the spoon in the freezer for a while. Due to this, it will be freezing. Now keep it in your eyes for 10 minutes and sleep. Remove the spoon immediately when it is hot. Do this regularly for 10 to 15 minutes. In the morning, the puffiness from your eyes will be gone.
  2. Tea Bags– Often, people use tea bags and throw them away. But if you do this too, stop. Actually, the antioxidant properties present in tea bags help reduce the dark circles present under your eyes. Along with this, they also reduce the continuously increasing puffiness under the eyes. After using tea bags, do not throw them away. Instead keep them in the fridge. Keep them in your eyes for 15 minutes before sleeping at night. This will give you relief and will reduce the puffiness of the eyes.
  3. Drink more water– People’s habit of drinking water is significantly less. Due to which many problems start surrounding the body. One of the reasons for puffiness is also the lack of water. The more water you drink, the sooner you will get rid of the problem of puffiness.
  4. Cucumber– The ingredients present in cucumber not only reduce the puffiness of your eyes, but it is also most effective in removing the tiredness of the eyes during the day. Continuous use of a computer, laptop or mobile can cause irritation in the eyes. Also, dark circles start to form under the eyes. If you are struggling badly with this problem, regularly put slices of round cucumber on your eyes before sleeping at night. And remove them when they are hot it will give you quick rest.
  5. Rose water- Rosewater is the best and easiest way to reduce the puffiness of the eyes. Just for this, you have to make rose water in cotton and place them on the eyes, and after drying, remove them from the eyes and put them on the side. Keep them on your eyes until it becomes happy. Do this regularly. Along with reducing the puffiness of the eyes, there will also be relief in postal circles.