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Exhibition in Pakistan against killing of Sikh worker.

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Peshawar, Since the assassination of Sikh Dharmaguru Charanjit Singh in Khyber Pakhtunwa province of Pakistan, there is resentment among the people of the entire area and now the protest against the government is being done. Charanjit Singh was shot dead on May 29. 52-year-old Charanjit Singh was also a human rights activist, and he continued to raise his voice in the right of minorities.

According to the police, he is investigating this matter in collaboration with anti-terror agencies and it is a killing done in some ransom. But the protesters alleged that the intelligence agency of Pakistan was behind the murder. According to the protesters, recent attacks against minorities have been increased, especially those who are being targeted, who will stand in the next general elections next month.

The head of the Sikh community in Peshawar, Tony angerly says, ‘How long will we have to bear all this? What is the government doing to get justice for our people? So far 10 people have been killed. ‘ Sikh social worker Harjeet Singh said that this is not the only case and there have been many such cases before that.

Harjeet said, “The responsibilities of attacks in the year 2014 have not been arrested yet. We request the Pakistan government to arrest those criminals. ‘

Let the Sikhs living in Pakistan for years have been deprived of their basic rights too. Not only this, Islamabad’s record in protecting human rights of minorities has also been poor. Sana Azaz, a social activist from Khyber Pakhtunwa, says that instead of appealing to the tense atmosphere of the area, it is quietly promoting such attacks and violence against minorities for political gain.

Sana said, ‘We believe that the government has the duty to protect all the citizens of the country, then they are Muslims, Sikhs, Christians or Hindus. On the contrary, the killing of a minority community does not make the difference to the government. The government thinks that they have been born to die.