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Excess use of hand sanitizer is also dangerous. Few Side-effects of Hand Sanitizer.

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Due to coronavirus, hand sanitizer is being used much more. In order to be more careful, people are trying to keep themselves safe or clean by using hand sanitizer in a short time. Washing hands with soap and water is not possible at all times and everywhere, so at this time people use hand sanitizer. The government itself has advised to use hand sanitizer, but let me tell you, there are some side-effects of excessive use of hand sanitizer everyday:

It Kills the body’s good bacteria. Sanitizer is good enough to kill bacteria and that is why it protects us from catching many diseases, but there is another side to it. The sanitizer can affect the many types of microbiomes present in the body in many ways. This can be bad for us. The sanitizer also kills the bacteria that are beneficial for our body. The solution is to use the sanitizer only when it is not possible for you to wash your hands with soap and water.

Overuse and strong bacteria can occur.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hand sanitizers that come with an anti-bacterial element can sometimes develop antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of such bacteria, give preference to washing hands with soap and water instead of sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer does not kill dirt
If your hands are looking dirty then hand-sanitizer will not work. Hand sanitizers do not clean dirt and if dirty hands have less effect in killing bacteria.

Dry hands
If you are using hand sanitizer daily then you have probably noticed that your hands are drier than before. The alcohol present in the sanitizer can dry the skin considerably, but the solution is a hand moisturizer. This will keep your hands hydrated or wash your hands directly with soap and water.

Increased risk of alcohol poisoning
If the hand sanitizer accidentally goes inside the mouth, it can cause trouble. Children are most at risk in this case. Scented hand sanitizers attract children and children to go to it due to the attractive package, branding, and bright color. So keep them out of the reach of children.