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Entry in Politics: Rajinikanth announced many things. I’ll be only a supervisor.

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South Indian superstar Rajinikanth has announced the start of his political innings this morning. Following this announcement of Rajinikanth, a new party has been born in Tamil Nadu politics. The news of this superstar coming to politics for many days was coming. On this occasion, Rajinikanth said that he will contest the next assembly elections to be held in Tamil Nadu. Prior to this, Rajinikanth had said that before coming to politics, I will take the decision very carefully, after the statement, speculation about Rajinikanth coming to politics was sharp. Rajinikanth said that he will not participate the local elections because he has no time left.

Special talk

On this occasion, Rajinikanth said that his party will contest the elections in all the 234 seats in the assembly elections in 2021.

He said that his party will take the decision to land in the 2019 parliamentary elections at the right time.

He said that if he is unable to fulfill his election promises within three years of coming to power, then he will resign.

Rajinikanth said that he is not cowardly, so do not go back. He said that he will go ahead with his duties. The people of Tamil Nadu will not let down.

The Superstar of the South said, “I should not guard the cadre in my party who can stop it from going wrong.” I’ll be his only supervisor.

He said that he is not entering politics in the greed of power. He said, “The Chief Minister’s post came to me a long time ago, but I stayed away from it.

Rajinikanth said that posters have been going on for several days in Chennai, which is being said that if Rajinikanth comes to politics, he will be the next chief minister.

Addressing the people, the superstar of the South Films said that there is a need to change everything here and that time has come. We’ll change the system. I want to ensure good governance.

He said that the guiding slogan of my party would be, ‘Good, good talk will be good only’.

Rajinikanth told the people that instead of leaving behind a wealthy man, you should serve the parents.