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Encroachment on the cremation ground of Hindus, Protest begun.

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Sindh, Hindus have started protesting in Hyderabad, Sindh province of Pakistan. The people of Hindu community sitting on the street outside the local press club have alleged that police and some influential people are encroaching on the cremation ground of their area.

According to ‘Dawn News’, Valji Thakur, Dr. Amarshi Thakur, Doctor Mohan and other protesters have alleged that some influential land mafia in collaboration with the local police captured some parts of the crematorium near Nara Jail and now those parts The Hindu community is not allowed to perform the last rites.

Demonstrators demand that the administration help them and bring back the occupied land. Along with it, the people involved in illegal encroachment were also convicted.

During protest demonstration, the protesters are constantly shouting against the land mafia and the police.