Emergency teaser: Kangana Ranaut plays former prime minister Indira Gandhi

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The first trailer for Kangana Ranaut’s next film, Emergency, in which she portrays former prime minister Indira Gandhi, was released on Thursday. In the brief promotional video, Kangana adopts the late PM’s appearance, replete with eyeglasses and her starched cotton saree.

It is still too early to predict if the actor would assume the role of the politician and how she will portray the period that is sometimes referred to as the darkest in Indian democracy. Kangana has made a point of stating that the movie is not a biography of Gandhi. 

The former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger calls Kangana in the video and requests that American President Richard Nixon greet her as “Ma’am” rather than “Sir.” After pausing, Kangana as Indira responds “yes,” but she quickly goes to her secretary and requests that he tell the US President that everyone in her office addresses her as “Sir.”

“Presenting ‘Her’ who was called ‘Sir’ #Emergency shoot begins,” the actor had said in the description of the first footage.

Oscar winner David Malinowski, who has worked on movies including The Batman, Darkest Hour, and World War Z (2013), transformed Kangana (2022).

These were the most dramatic occurrences in recent global history, said Kangana in a newspaper clipping she published earlier. What precipitated today’s declaration of the Emergency and what were its effects. The most powerful lady in the world was at its centre. This merits its large-scale epic movie. Therefore, #Emergency will be in theatres next year.

She called the process of directing the movie “a great adventure.” I’m happy to don the director’s hat once more. I ultimately came to the conclusion that I could direct Emergency better than anybody else after working on it for more than a year. working with the fantastic author Ritesh Shah. I’m committed to completing it, even if it means compromising on other acting gigs. I’m so excited right now. The voyage ahead promises to be amazing, said Kangana on Instagram.