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Elon Musk led Starlink planning to provide Internet connectivity in India soon

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Elon Musk led Starlink, a satellite internet service provider, plans to offer commercial services in India as early as 2022. Starlink internet service was being sold in India, but the government halted it and demanded that the company register and receive a license first. Due to the high demand for Starlink Internet connections in India. On LinkedIn, India’s head of Starlink, Sanjay Bhargava, posted a presentation detailing the cost/benefit analysis, timeframe, and connectivity plans for districts in India’s Starlink project.

However, trial licenses can be requested for Starlink in India. Starlink plans to submit its commercial license application by January 31, 2022. According to Bhargava’s document, if Starlink’s implementation can begin in April 2022, he hopes to have 200k terminals throughout India by December 2022. The eventual delivery of the Starlink in India is currently undetermined.

The estimated cost Elon Musk led Starlink internet service in India

The ultimate price of Starlink internet service in India has not yet been determined. However, based on information provided by Bhargava, the first year’s cost of a Starlink internet connection may be as high as ₹1,58,000. Because Starlink’s equipment is a one-time purchase, the annual service fee will be around ₹1,15,000 at a 30% tax rate after the second year. The user equipment is projected to cost roughly ₹37,400, while monthly services will cost about ₹7,425 for the first year. Taxes and other government fees are not included in any of this pricing.

The government would make a lot of money from the taxes and levies produced by selling these connections. Schools and healthcare facilities, says Starlink, benefit the most from broadband satellite connections. Districts within a state or a union territory could even be allowed to participate in the pilot project if the state or union territory so desires.

According to a LinkedIn post by Sanjay Bhargava, “We hope to have applied for a commercial licence on or before the January 31 2022 (unless we hit some serious hurdle)”.

In India, Starlink was recently denied pre-booking registration by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) because the company lacked a licence. Although States and Union Territories have been advised by Starlink to think about paying for the annual cost of a Starlink terminal, which is ₹1,50,000 for the first year.