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Elon Musk, a crypto enthusiast, is irritated by Twitter’s new NFT feature and delivers a three-word tweet

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Elon Musk, a billionaire and long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast, has expressed his displeasure with a new Twitter feature that allows premium users to display their non-fungible token (NFT) purchases as their profile image. With a snapshot of Twitter’s announcement, Elon Musk commented on Twitter’s new feature for Twitter Blue users, saying, “this is unpleasant.” Musk went on to say that the social media behemoth is squandering its resources. In certain countries like the United States and Canada, Twitter unveiled a new feature last week that allows some users to display their NFT purchases — a token that represents blockchain purchases – in the form of a hexagonal-shaped profile image rather than the standard circle-shaped photo.

Musk elaborated on his point of view in a tweet last week, saying, “Twitter is investing engineering resources on this nonsense while crypto criminals have a spambot block party in every thread!” Musk, a huge proponent of cryptocurrencies in general, including the meme-based DogeCoin, expressed his displeasure with the Web3 world, arguing that efforts should be spent instead on preventing crypto-related spam on social media.

To be clear, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, had previously stated that he would accept Bitcoin as payment for Tesla automobiles but later reversed his decision, citing environmental worries about the crypto asset. Later in December, he announced that Tesla would allow users to buy some products with Dogecoin, another crypto asset.

“Elon is absolutely correct. In a tweet supporting Musk, Adam Singer, who was previously VP of Marketing at Google, said, “Twitter’s product team needs better prioritization on what’s actually critical for user experience.” Others, including Michael Saylor, the CEO of another publicly traded US company MicroStrategy, agreed, suggesting that Twitter could tackle the problem of scammers and spambots by allowing people to buy verified Twitter accounts using cryptocurrency.

On the thread, Twitter’s Revenue Product Lead Bruce Falck responded, saying that the company is already working on a solution to the problem of spambots and that “allocating technical resources to the most significant challenges is something we take seriously.”

Fraudsters mimicking well-known figures, such as Tesla CEO, have been growing on social media platforms like Twitter, offering bitcoin riches and freebies. Some Twitter users agreed with Musk’s critique, while others chastised him for doing the same thing and assigning Tesla engineers the responsibility of receiving doge currency payments.