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Eight big websites hacked, 12.7 million account details leaked.

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In the past, a hacker who steals data of about 62 million users from 16 websites has now hacked around eight big websites. Hacker has stolen the details of about 12.7 crore accounts this time. According to a report by TechCrunch, Hacker has now stolen nearly $ 18 million from Travel Booking Site Ixigo and about 40 million users from Live Video Streaming Site YouNow.

It has been said in the report that, “The data collected in Houzz has come out in the theft, of which 5.7 million records have been stolen and around 18 lakh account details have been stolen from According to the hacker’s listing, Ixigo used outdated ‘MD5’ hashing algorithm for password protection, which can be easily hacked. A spokesperson said, ‘YouNow does not store passwords.’

A few days ago this hacker had claimed that he stole 15.1 million from MyFitnessPal and 2.5 million records from Animoto. This stolen information may include the names of the users, email addresses and passwords. With the help of these details not only can the spam senders be active, but users who use the beam password on other sites may be surprised.

Let me tell you, some websites like MyHeritage, MyFitnessPal and Animoto gave warnings related to their customers last year. The rest of the sites are now giving information and warnings to hackers about their users.