Egyptian Attacks: After the attack on the mosque, many terrorists killed in Air forces strikes.

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The Egyptian Air Force killed several militants within a few hours of the attack on the mosque in northern Sinai province and destroyed their vehicles. It is noteworthy that in the troubled northern Sinai, militants attacked a mosque yesterday (Friday) during Zuma prayers, at least 305 Namazis were killed and 109 others were injured.

Army spokesman Tameer El-Rafai said in a statement that the Air Force has responded to the terrorists’ hideouts in areas around northern Sinai, in which terrorists have been killed and vehicles used in the fatal attack have been destroyed. He said that the weapons depot of the terrorists has also been targeted.

The militants fired at the al-Rourda mosque in Al-Arish city after attacking a bomb after the bombing in which hundreds of people were killed. Immediately after the attack, President Abdul Fateh al-Sisi convened an emergency meeting with officials to take stock of security situation. According to a statement issued later, he had talked of using force against the terrorists. The Egyptian government has declared a three-day state mourning after the attack.