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Efficient, talented, English-speaking people want to make migrant Americans.

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Washington, In the US, a top official of the Trump Administration, indicating a qualifying arrangement for the migrants, said that they want to provide skilled, talented and English-speaking migrants in the country. It can benefit countries like India. US President Donald Trump is insisting on a qualifying-based immigration system to reduce the number of incoming migrants to the US.

The Trump Administration believes that the elite-based migrant system will bring America’s best and brightest people to the world, while it will be difficult for people to come into the country illegally. The President wants to eliminate the visas and chain migration given through the lottery to improve the existing system. They said, “We want people from any part of the world to come, they love this country, love the people here, who are skilled, be talented, who speak English, which is our values ​​and We are committed to supporting our life, as we live. ‘

The official said that such migrants can be from any part of the world, they just fulfill these qualifications. If such a policy is created and implemented, then it can benefit countries such as India, most of which meet this criteria. The official said that the Trump Administration wants to improve immigration system in order to fulfill US national interests.

She said, ‘We would like to let all the backgrounds or people of any place in the world come into the United States, but on the basis of their merit and success prospects.’ The official said that any foreign citizen will not be accepted, who commit crimes related to terrorism or conspiracy to support terrorism. They said, ‘Our goal is to eliminate terrorism in all its forms whether it is from anywhere.’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters that the President is emphasizing on the merit based system without regard to the applicant’s country, religion and ethnicity. Sanders said, “He wants that migrants come from everywhere, but they want to do this through a merit based system.” In response to a question, he said, “The merit based system is not based on race, religion or country. This is basically based on merit. ‘ Sanders said that this is a ‘more fair system’ and the Democrats members supported it a year ago.