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 It is summer 2020, as we all know summer has knocked our door before coronavirus did, but still, covid19 took all the credits of our distress. Even when we are at house arrest, we still feel the sun and hot blows through our casual clothing.  It’s June, one of the hottest months of the year and known for its vacation time and somewhere the lockdown has ended for some of us so we have to face the heat and the sunburns again. Since coronavirus and the sun is working together there are a lot of effects that people are facing during this time of the era.

Physical distress is the first that we all see when it comes to suffering, things like sunburns, fatigue, body allergies due to excess sweat are common but the lockdown has its own additions like stiff muscles, gastric issues, back pain and of course a virus that we still don’t know how to cure! But apart from that, most of us are enjoying summer with our family, making new dishes and doing what we never tried, exploring are hobbies and talents like we all use to do when we are young.

More the physical distress there is a lot of financial and economic distress that we are facing, things like the low stock market, insufficient job roles, low pay scale, traveling issues, etc. Since some of us had saved before but most of us still feel the month-end feeling from the past two months. But some of the platforms are trying to provide work from home internships like digital marketing services and online businesses but most of the pay comes from the market which is still under progress.

Psychological stress is something that comes even if we don’t want it to, feeling of being lonely and bored were some common symptoms but it can lead to major disorders like anxiety, feeling of being stuck, and for OCD people it is a nightmare to go out right now. But we got some relief since the government has open lots of offices, so people can travel around but summer is still upon us which can lead to discomfort, and increase the irritation and anger, as we all have witnessed most of the fights have been recorded during heavy traffic in summer.

But the brighter side is we all get to explore ourselves, like picking up new hobbies of art and crafts, photography, music, etc. which we never knew we can pursue, And we never knew that the hole in ozone can be repaired within 100 days, birds and animals that we forgot will ever chirp in the morning. In my opinion, every year after this pandemic will over the government present an idea of 30 -60 days’ work from home so that the earth can heal, the human can live and the wildlife can roam around the city as we all do. I can see the tons of negative aspects of this idea, but the brighter side is and always be the satisfaction that we all had when we lived for ourselves. The satisfaction of doing nothing, feeling of everyday Sunday, feels like childhood again, like a summer vacation for the world!