Earth's magnetic field

Earth’s magnetic field is reversing after 7.8 lakh years, natural action- research

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There are unusual changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and the tip of the North Pole is shifting from Canada to Siberia. Our scientists have come to know about this and have been keeping an eye on it for the last several decades. Where the magnetic field is gradually weakening. In the last more than 200 years, the magnetic North Pole has been moving from the Canadian Arctic to Siberia. But this slow-moving process has accelerated in recent decades. It has been told in the latest study that this reversal of poles happens automatically.

The reason for the reversal is not known
Earth’s magnetic field is formed due to the molten iron in its core. It is located 2896 kilometers below the surface. Electric currents are generated from this very hot fluid, which creates electromagnetic fields. All the studies so far have not been able to know about the factors of this change. But scientists are trying their best to know its reasons.

Earth's magnetic field

The research explained the reason
According to an article published in Astronomy Magazine, it has been found through computer models of planetary dynamics that the process of reversal of the Earth’s poles is automatic. At present, the speed of the North Pole going south has reached 48 kilometers per year. In the search for the reasons for this unusual behavior, the attention of scientists has turned to two supermassive rocks which are deep in the earth. They are millions of times bigger than Mount Everest. Not only this, they are much denser and hotter than the rest of the mantle.

What rocks are disturbing
Such an abnormality suggests that when an ancient planet named Theia collided with Earth 4.5 billion years ago. Scientists believe that these rocks are formed from the remains of the same planet. They are disturbing the convection of molten iron. And for this reason, the magnetic field of the South Atlantic has become weak.

This reversal happens again and again
Earth’s magnetic field was formed 4 billion years ago and since then the Earth’s magnetic poles have changed many times. There have been ten reversals in the magnetic field in the last 2.6 million years. Some experts believe that now this reversal is happening again because the last time it happened was 7.8 lakh years ago. This reversal is neither predictable nor is it regular.

Analysis of igneous rocks
According to this article in Astronomy Magazine, the researchers mapped the history of Earth’s magnetic field using igneous shells. When the lava cools, the iron inside it gets magnetized so that the iron takes its place according to the direction of the magnetic field. Scientists analyzed this.

Radiometric dating techniques
In addition, the researchers used radiometric dating techniques to find out what the planet’s behavior was like before the change in the magnetic field. These changes include the strengthening, weakening, even polarity of the magnetic field. In recent years, researchers studied the magnetic properties of archeological artifacts. These were heated to extremes when they were made. The iron inside them was molded according to the then magnetic field.

This change may have an impact on our navigation system. At the same time, organisms traveling using the Earth’s magnetic field will also be affected by it, including whales. But a lot depends on how much time this reversal can be completed. If slow, it can even take thousands of years.