Earthquake in Turkey and Greece

Earthquake in Turkey and Greece of magnitude 7.0, 19 killed, over 700 injured

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The earthquake in Turkey and Greece has killed 19 people and injured more than 700 people. The intensity of this earthquake has been measured 7.0 on the reactor scale. Turkey’s coastal areas also suffered a tsunami due to the earthquake. Many buildings have collapsed due to this earthquake in Turkey and Greece and tsunami as well. Some people may still be trapped in these. Organisations are doing relief and rescue work in the affected areas.

While more people became victims of this disaster in Turkey, news of two deaths has been reported in Greece. In Izmir city of Turkey, the earthquake was the most affected. There are tall buildings in this city which could not withstand an earthquake and became ruined. 4 buildings in Izmir were completely demolished.

Some other buildings have also suffered damage. So far, about 70 people have been evacuated from a multi-storey building. Earlier in January, more than 30 people died due to an earthquake in Turkey. According to a report by National Geographic, there is a history of earthquakes in this area. It is one of the most earthquake-affected areas in the world.

What President of Turkey said about this situation in Turkey and Greece

United Nations chief Antonio Guterres has also expressed grief over this earthquake. At the same time, the Prime Minister of Greece called the President of Turkey to express his support and condolences. Greece tweeted by PM,
“I just called President Erdogan to express his condolences for the fatal damage caused by the earthquake in our countries. Whatever our differences, this is a time when our people need to stand together.

After this, the President of Turkey also expressed grief to Greece by tweeting. he wrote,
“Thank you, Prime Minister, on behalf of myself and the people of Turkey, I express my condolences to all the people of Greece. Turkey too is always ready to help Greece. Showing solidarity between two neighbouring countries in difficult times is more valuable than many things in life.”

Tsunami threat: tsunami warning continues after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake

A tsunami alert has been issued after the earthquake. It is being told that seawater has started coming to the coastal cities. People are advised to stay several kilometres away from the seashore.

According to the American Geological Survey, the epicentre of this earthquake was 16.5 kilometres inside the Aegean Sea, 14 kilometres from the island of Samos, Greece. It is believed that since this centre was at a lower depth, the intensity of the earthquake was higher. According to reports in Turkish media, after the earthquake, about 196 tremors were felt, of which 23 had a magnitude of 4.0.